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Treating wasps on your own can be risky; leave it to us!

Chances are pretty good that if you live in San Clemente, you’ll have a bee, wasp or yellow jacket problem at some point. If you have a stinging insect problem and you’re looking for a top-quality San Clemente bee removal specialist, then you’ve come to the right place!

We have San Clemente bee exterminators who dedicate themselves to staying up to date on the latest, most-effective bee removal methods and techniques in the industry. We’re able to offer bee removal services for both residential and commercial properties.

Our staff works throughout the San Clemente, California area to removal all types of stinging insects. We are able to get rid of Killer (Africanized) bees, yellow jackets, honeybees, wasps, and hornets.

Our San Clemente bee removal experts will not only ensure that the current bees are removed, but we can help prevent the bees from returning to your property. Along with this, we’ll also remove any remnants that the bees leave.  This includes removing beehives from roofs, attics, fireplaces, and anywhere else the San Clemente bees may have left their mark.

Below is a list of things to consider when attempting to get rid of a bee problem:

    1. Do not disturb the bees. When you stumble upon a nest or swam of bees, back away. Do not ever swat at a bee. If a bee comes towards you, don’t disturb it and it will disappear. Africanized killer bees tend to be more aggressive. Though they might look line honey bees, they should be sidestepped no matter what.
    2. It is vital that the bee removal company you hire eliminates the nest and all residue left by the bees or else the bees will come back. Ensure that the company you hire includes this in their quote to you.
    3. Once we arrive at your home we’ll make sure that it’s absolutely closed off, and that there are no open windows or holes in walls that the bees could enter It truly is our priority to see that your family and pets are protected.
    4. Don’t be misled by the bee and wasp insecticides sold in stores. These items are just temporary solutions and they won’t dispose of the beehive. Spraying bees is only going to irritate them and send them into attack mode. Bee removal is best left to pros.
    5. If you see a nest or swarm, you shouldn’t approach it. Africanized killer bees resemble honey bees, however they are much more aggressive. We have had customers get stung more than twenty times while they attempted to get rid of a beehive with a broom. We’re not able to stress this enough: Stay clear of beehives. Bee attacks can be fatal to people. We do not just send out an ordinary pest control technician to handle your current bee removal job. We’ve got bee removal experts who are specifically trained and credentialed to address stinging insect issues.

Our San Clemente bee removal specialists take it upon themselves to help keep your family safe from the threat of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets.  Odds are, if you’ve seen a number of bees around your home or office, then chances are you have got a bee swarm or bee nest nearby.

A nest of bees can consist of between 5,000 to 30,000 bees!  We most likely do not have to tell you how dangerous a bee nest near your home could be to your loved ones and pets.  It isn’t uncommon for bees to hover close to a bush or tree for a few days and then leave. However, if you’ve realized that the bees have been in the area for over a couple of days, then they’ve likely taken up residence. When it appears that the bees have set up residence, then you’ll want to consider your San Clemente bee removal or bee extermination choices.

If you feel bees have built a nest near your home or you want us to clear out a swarm that’s sticking around, give our San Clemente bee removal specialists a phone call. You don’t need to be worried about getting charged an inspection fee.  Once you give us a call we’ll ask you details about your problem so that we can give you an estimate right over the phone.  We provide competitive rates which means you are getting great value. We also guarantee our work, so that you know it will be done correctly. Call us today to see how we can work with you.  Don’t let San Clemente bees become dangerous or a nuisance!

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